Monday 4th November 2024


To our Customers

Rare As… Records are still on (View Our Profile Here). If you have ordered from us before on Discogs we have some good news. This website has a Rewards Points system so you’ll get points towards future purchases on this website. If you have already ordered from our Discogs Store in 2023, points will be added to your account for those orders. See under the timer for more info.

UPDATE: There have been some delays with the launch date of the website due ensuring our customer on Discogs will be able to see their previous orders on Discogs on this website via their account. It is quite a big job so apologies to anyone who has been waiting for an update. But a lot of progress has been made and the hope is that you will really appreciate what this website will have to offer.

About Reward Points

Once the website is launched on 20th October 2023, we will email our customers on Discogs with a link where you can set-up an account we have created which will contain information about your previous purchases with us, as well as information about your points and how to redeem them. The Rewards Points are pretty straight forward, you get points each time you spend with us and those points can be converted to real cash to use towards anything you want to buy from this website. 

We didn’t want those of you who have supported us on Discogs to miss out and that is why we have been working hard to put in place a system that allows you to get rewarded for your past purchases.